Organizational Development

Organizational Development (OD) focuses on foundational change for long-lasting solutions to large complex problems. Typically, OD is used to bring about a major shift in an organization’s culture, systems or processes. In many organizations, OD is combined with strategic business planning as a way to ensure the strategic plans are coupled with a clear map for systemic implementation throughout the organization. As with any large-scale initiative within an organization, it is critical that any OD initiatives have commitment throughout all levels and are supported by the highest levels within the organization. OD works by leveraging the transformation of an organization’s human resource, expanding employees’ ideas, beliefs, and behaviors so that they can handle new challenges. Also, an organization’s most valuable resource, its people, are engaged throughout the process by participating in problem diagnosis, considering and developing solutions, identifying objectives, implementing change and evaluating results. The goal is to enrich the organization by increasing the capability of people to handle complex change in the future.

Organizational Development Intervention Cycle





LQH Consulting partners with organizations to achieve the following OD services:

  • Leading Organizational Change and Transformation– via careful assessment through data collection and analysis. Clear communication of change vision by leadership, development, and execution of a strategically aligned change plan including enrollment of staff, and monitoring of change impact and modification, managing transitions and continuous improvement.
  • Strategy Development & Meeting Facilitation. With careful planning, preparation and facilitation of sessions, we help leaders to develop solid plans for their organizations and or boards.
  • Process Improvement and Alignment to increase organization performance. As organizations evolve systems and processes move out of alignment and performance suffers. LQ-H consulting works with leadership to assess and develop initiatives to realign organization design and increase performance.